Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Extended Practice: Final Crit

For my Final Crit Presentation, I merged my animatic with the rough and clean animation, voice and music. I wanted to show the completed voice acting and music alongside the visuals. I really liked how the animation/animatic is progressing so far. The only thing I need to edit with the audio files is that James's voice acting for Cy is slightly too high pitched to work with the shadow; feedback during the crit noted that both the voices sometimes merged into one so that they couldn't tell who was talking at some points of the dialogue.

Feedback and action plan:

+ The feedback at the presentation was extremely positive. I just need to complete as much of the ending part of the animation, with the most dialogue. I am purposely animating the scenes with the most dialogue to show how well I can animate both the action and the lip sync.

+ With regards to my art book progress, I will be adding my script and rough premise. I think that this would work well, with the premise at the beginning of the book and the script at the end.

+ Complete the camera and action notes on the storyboards.

+ Complete DVD cover and booklet.

Knowing how much I need to complete is daunting however I will continue to work on the animation after the deadline as I would love to submit this to festivals and competitions.

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